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Ring Toss - Win a Prize in Buttered Popcorn 90154-52

Step right up! Toss a ring, hoop a bottle, win a prize! The midway is in town!

With a swirl of laughter and noise, the pastel hues of the daytime carnival transform; Starbursts of color flash in the dark, the twinkle of a million colored lights in the night weaving their enchantment. Filled with candy apples and fairy floss, popcorn and paper tickets, this Ringtoss collection of patterns celebrates the nostalgic splendor of the beloved midway carnival, with all of its games and treats.

This pattern collection was greatly inspired by Toronto's CNE midway fair that takes place annually at the end of summer. Each year I am enchanted anew by the colors and lights, the music-box tunes tinkling from the myriad of carnival games, and the wafting scents of butter and sugar on the air. 

It is the bittersweet swan song of our Toronto summers, and I love every moment of it.

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