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Welcome to structured improvisation, where there's a plan in place but still plenty of room to play! Structured improvisation is perfect for using fabric scraps quilters have on hand—everything works and anything goes. Learn three methods of sewing rectangles, squares, strips, and even oddly shaped fabric pieces together; then use the resulting blocks or panels in a dozen dazzling step-by-step quilt patterns. Start by working with just on color at a time to get the hang or improv piecing; then progress to mixing colors and prints in beautiful, colorful quilts that will give a home to every scrap that quilters have ever saved.
Brilliant strategy for improv piecing, a fun and freeform quilt style. Efficient use of fabric scraps; even tiny scraps can be sewn into bigger blocks. Close-up, step-by-step photos illustrate how to master 3 approaches to improv piecing.

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